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Changing the future and benefiting the environment with OffUgo


OffUgo is a car rental company based in Mallorca, Spain. It is committed to continually improving its eco-friendly capacity through its electric car fleet in order to benefit the island’s environment. Their main goal is for everybody to enjoy a peaceful and cleaner Mallorca, and they are completely dedicated to it.

A Long journey to success

OffUgo started operating two years ago, on the eve of the Covid-19 pandemic. As everyone knows, this was a difficult time for enterprises of all kinds. But it was especially stressful for a newly established tourism- related company, such as a car rental company.

So, when OffUgo was established, the situation was not great. But, its mission has always been to offer a bit of humanity and a lot of sustainability to the car rental industry. And it was because of this determination, that they were able to overcome all of the challenges they encountered along the way.

OffUgo had a tough time finding the perfect website and software solution for its firm in order to achieve its purpose. However, after landing on by StivaSoft, they realized that this was just what they needed to make their firm successful at that challenging time. And what they discovered amazed them. Since finding us, they've realized that they could do things differently, and they've been showing it every day.

Finally at the top

After building an outstanding website for their car rental business, they’ve been able to reach more customers online and successfully spread the word about their operations.

The management of their day-to-day duties was a lot more pleasurable, especially for a freshly established company, thanks to the built-in car rental software. Direct online payment and reservation management from their website aided them greatly by allowing them to run their entire business from a single platform, which was exactly what they required.

Further Achievements

Since implementing into their business, OffUgo has successfully developed its business on the market, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, multiple lockdowns, and bad tourist seasons. They've also been able to grow it to the point where they've established themselves as one of the most well- known car rental companies on the Mallorca island.

“To be fully honest, we wouldn’t even be here if it wasn't you.”


  • Founded


  • Industry

    Cool House

  • Location

    Mallorca, Span

  • Website

  • Key features used
    • Car rental software
    • Fleet management
    • Online reservation management


  • Efficient customer service.
  • Easy reservations management through the built-in car rental software.
  • Excellent and dedicated customer service!

“Something I would like to highlight is the excellent customer service. I’m a difficult customer, to be fully honest, and they’ve always managed to please my expectations perfectly fine and in a really professional way.”