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Simplifying car rental management with Hertz

Economica rent-a-car Hertz licensee

What is it like to be a part of a global car rental giant? Indeed, that was one of the questions the Bolivian company Economica Rent-a-Car has asked itself when launching its business. And we all know the answer to that question - difficult.

A big name comes with a big responsibility and expectations. That's why Economica Rent-a-Car wanted to rely on a trustworthy website and rental software provider like StivaSoft in order to meet all the expectations and kickstart their business successfully.

Being part of the BIG GUYS

Hertz is more than just a car rental firm. The company takes pride in responding to the changing demands of its customers by providing a diverse range of vehicles and services. They pride themselves on a long history of significant first steps, bold ideas, and innovations that have helped the company grow into the respected brand it is today.

Economica Rent-a-Car aims as a Hertz licensee to provide the lowest pricing and finest quality service while also being the most customer-focused rental company in Bolivia. And with the help of, they were able to meet all of the requirements successfully.

Despite building a stunning website that fully represents Hertz's business model, they’ve been able to reach more customers online and serve them effectively directly from their website. So all of Hertz's expectations were completely satisfied.

Growing the business

Thanks to the exclusive website and the intuitive built-in car rental software, Economica Rent-a-Car had all they needed to function efficiently in the Bolivian market and maintain Hertz's image.

The company is still growing at a tremendous speed, and they are confident that by utilizing the features, nothing will be able to stop them from dominating the car rental industry.

  • Founded


  • Industry

    Car Rental

  • Location

    Bolivia, South America

  • Website

  • Key features used
    • Car rental software
    • Fleet management
    • Online reservation management


  • Efficient customer service.
  • Easy reservations management through the built-in car rental software.
  • Excellent and dedicated customer service!