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Providing a first-class customer experience with Royal Car Rent

Royal Car Rent

Giorgi and his team knew that customer service would be their primary focus from the start of their car rental business. As a result, they've been working really hard to deliver an outstanding one since 2014.

Still, as their company has grown, they've had to make significant improvements to its technical instruments in order to preserve its solid reputation. And then they approached us.

Cooperation that made a drastic change

The efficient and intelligent performance of the Royal Car Rent website is vital for them, as it is the primary tool they use to provide exceptional services to their customers. So, in order to successfully build their business in the car rental industry, Giorgi and his team decided in 2018 that a solid website upgrade is necessary.

Then they discovered Giorgi was so fascinated by what he saw when he first arrived on our website. He began exploring the built-in car rental software and other intuitive functions, and then he decided to contact the customer care team for further details. Giorgi was really pleased with the people from the other side of the screen, who were very active and responsive. He encountered this amazing customer service in his connection with us, which the Royal Car Rent themselves offers, so Giorgi decided to make us a long-term partner in the Royal Car Rent's journey to success.

Because Royal Car Rent provides first-class customer service, they needed some specific tweaks to make the website fit their company's vision completely. Giorgi was pleased that our dedicated assistance modified the car rental software based on their suggestions and established their website in the form and functionality that it is now. As a result, the website became the perfect instrument for showcasing the Royal Car Rent's high-end services.

Going through the difficulties with help of a friend

The Royal Car Rent company has been thriving since adopting into its operations. And then the Covid-19 pandemic came.

Multiple lockdowns had a significant impact on numerous firms, particularly tourism-related businesses. The Royal Car Rental, sadly, was not an exception. Our team, on the other hand, has always felt that no matter what challenges we face, we can always overcome them with the help of a friend. That is why we chose to support several of our clients financially.

We're more than just business partners. We are individuals and friends who are facing similar challenges. Here's why working together is the only way to succeed in today's world.

“The effective and smart functioning of our website is crucial for us, as it is the main instrument to offer our service to the customers. Accordingly, we are much satisfied with choosing and cooperating with you during these years.”

Royal Car Rent

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  • Industry

    Car Rental

  • Location

    Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Website

  • Key features used
    • Car rental software
    • Fleet management
    • Online reservation management


  • Efficient customer service.
  • Easy reservations management through the built-in car rental software.
  • Excellent and dedicated customer service!

“I can’t avoid mentioning the fact that due to the heavy impact of the Covid pandemic on all the businesses all over the world (our’s was not an exception), the team has made great generosity to us concerning financial support and other points, which is the great expression of cooperation and we are much thankful for that.”

“I would like again to express my gratitude towards you.”

Giorgi Tskhadaia, Royal Car Rent